Hong Kong Ke Mo Software Co., Ltd. is an internet company that develops top-quality games and publishes them worldwide. The company is focused on developing mobile games and launching them in overseas markets so that players all across the world can enjoy quality mobile games. Camel Games is a gaming brand of Hong Kong Ke Mo. (Hong Kong Ke Mo Software Co., Ltd. will be hereinafter referred to as Camel Games). Camel Games is a world-renowned developer and operator of online mobile games. Using 3D modeling technique, Camel Games is one of the few teams in China with independent research on developing games with high performance and visual splendour.  As of 2021, Camel Games have released more than 20 games that are available for users from 200+ countries and districts, with a user base of 120 million. With its technological strength, core resources, clear market strategy, strong execution and excellent development team, Camel Games will continue to bring high quality games, providing players with various expectations and excellent gameplay experience. 


Full of technical skills and rich in development experience, the core development and operation teams have 6-12 years of game industry experience, most of which come from top software and social gaming programs and companies, such as Microsoft, Ubisoft, Gameloft, Glu Software etc. 


Camel Games' art and design teams are formed of alumni from various prestigious institutions and companies such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Perfect World Games, Ubisoft etc. Many of the artists have won prestigious competitions, including first place in the Blizzard Entertainment Fan Art Contest, and second and third place in the Adobe and Paramount Pictures Transformers Design Contest.




Achievements and Rewards


Camel Games was recognized as an official Google Play Top Developer in 2011.

In the same year, Camel Games released its first game Little Empire,this was soon followed by War and Order, Titan Throne, Age of Origins, War of Destiny and Infinite Galaxy in the consecutive years. So far, Camel Games have received google recommendation for hundreds of time. Besides, games like Age of Origins and War and Order have received multiple times of app store recommendation.



20+million registered users from 200+ countries.

18 times App Store and Google Global Features.



Since March 2016, WAO has received 30 official Google Features.

For 5 consecutive years, WAO has consistently held a Top 20 revenue ranking in the USA, Germany, England, France, etc.



20 times App Store and Google Global Features.



5 times App Store and Google Global Features.